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Patient Spotlight

Claudia Garcia

We humbly share this letter that our patient, and friend, Claudia has written:


To the founders of Mercy Clinic:


I am writing to express my love so dear for this organization. I am thankful for the purpose this clinic was established as it was meant to not only bring healing to the physical body but the spiritual body as well; the most important. I am grateful to you all who have planted your given seed for this clinic as those who give with whole hearts receive full in hands.

I pray that God's purpose is not only met but overflowed and that you continue to reach souls for the Lord and Savior. I pray that God's purpose in your life is also filled for He states in the book of Matthew 5:14-16 that we who believe in Him are the light of the world. He tells us to shine bright so that those who do not know Him can see the way to Him through us. I pray that the purpose of this clinic is to glorify the King at all times and that it never loses that path. God is so powerful that He makes things happen one way, not another for He has planned ahead and His plan is perfect. Remember that what comes from God will never be overthrown (Acts 5:39).

I want to take time to not only thank you each for the work you are doing but I want to thank Mrs. Peggy specifically. I thank her because God placed her in my life with a purpose. She has been of great help to my family and I, as we reminisce on the surgery I had to undergo. She was there before and after surgery to declare good news and fill the rooms with her faith. I thank God for her!

I will continue my gratefulness for Mercy Clinic and continue my prayers that those who don't know who our Lord truly is, and come to the clinic for physical healing, also receive spiritual food. I will continue to pray that those lives are filled with God's love as He is working within my heart as well.

Most Sincerely,

Claudia Garcia

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